240ml GlitterBug UV Potion for Hand Hygiene Training

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240ml GlitterBug UV Potion for Hand Hygiene Training

240ml GlitterBug UV Potion for Hand Hygiene Training

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If that record was a sound diary of a busy year, touring the globe, sleeping on couches – the dance floor equivalent of busy streets and jet lag and culture clash and sensory overload – then Dust is its Twilight Zone counterpart. Drawn to the city’s mix of “opulence and anxiety”, his songwriting for the album focused upon the idea of writing about a tumultuous relationship with a fictional woman from Los Angeles. I imagined very lonely places mostly filled with friends from the hospital times that passed along the way.

So, for the good and bad – even if I wanted to let public taste and opinion shape my music (which I absolutely don’t), I couldn’t. Berlin based Till Rohmann, aka Glitterbug, delivers his mature fourth album on Gold Panda’s label Notown Recordings. Up next is a split EP of Jasmine Monique Guffond aka Jasmina Machina and Turkish supertalent Biblo, and the next Biblo album after that. Whether it’s Forest Sword’s incorporating The Wirral countryside on last year’s excellent Engravings; or Emptyset constructing symphonies from dilapidated echoes in a ruined mansion on 2012’s Medium; or the psychogeographical derives through spectral landscapes of The Stranger’s Watching Dead Empires In Decay.I’m flattered and deeply touched by the wonderful words that the dear people of The 405 Magazine found about Dust. Otwierający zestaw tytułowy „Dust” rozwija się powoli, z każdą minutą swego trwania wzbogacając się o nowe wątki. Tymczasem Till Rohmann idzie dalej – czerpiąc inspirację ze schedy swych niemieckich poprzedników, tworzy zupełnie nową wartość, zaskakującą nieokiełznanym brzmieniem i fascynującymi aranżacjami.

Hinting that the album deals with a real and present dystopia made up of untold stories and forgotten memories: simplistic, banal, everyday things which simply slip through our fingertips, are the very sublime concept which Rohmann attempts to pin down in Dust. Far Far Light” continues with the sublime concept of the album, so minimal and familiar are the snippets of sound used to construct the melody that the song has a near haunting effect upon the listener as waves ripple from the speakers and cascade into the room. This is TRANS-personal music, the sound of shadows and dust and phosphorescence and debris, as told by etheric synthdrones and dusted drum machines. The slo-mo techno of Glitterbug is the aural equivalent of a long, hot electronic bath after a very hard day. Just rub the lotion in your hands and place under a UV lamp and any areas that have not been washed properly will show up.Zaintrygowany muzyczną opowieścią o blaskach i cieniach życia w metropolii, niemiecki producent postanowił sam podjąć się realizacji podobnego concept-albumu. We also offer a great selection of hand hygiene training support materials including reward medals, posters, stickers, DVDs and more.

Renowned for Sound claims that The Wombats "don't step wrong once, with every song having a particular merit to it that makes it worth repeating again and again. Some of Rohmann’s home town of Berlin has creeped in, mainly in the smooth sailing beats that have earned Glitterbug comparisons to fellow Berliners GAS, but it is still a dreamtime version of Berlin. Lwia część albumu rozegrana jest na epickie partie analogowych syntezatorów, wywiedzione z klasycznej kosmische musik. Nothing too special here either, but it takes up a lot of space and has a lot of pretty flashy lights and knobs and faders as eye candy for the audience and to keep me busy: I do use Ableton as the main hub and sequencer for both midi and audio (but only for live shows, never in the studio), a lot of dedicated controllers, and some outboard instruments, like a Dave Smith Mopho, a Waldorf Blofeld, a Jomox M-Base, a digital sub mixer and some stomp boxes and external FX. We are both quiet sensitive, melancholic and moody people, and that is mirrored in the music we make.

We were so impressed with the album that we invited him to record a mix and discuss the album in detail. While the “city at night” theme is nothing new for a dance record to explore, Dust is unique in how empty of humanity it is. Nobody had found such nice words for ‘Apparition’ (one of the tracks on Dust) yet… but read for yourself, and don’t miss the rest of the reviews to be found here! Far Far Light’ is a hypnotic, dark and spellbinding journey across nightly streets and forgotten urban landscapes. You sit in the studio for a year or more writing an album, then you wait for the mastering, graphics and final product to be printed – during this long period, all the feedback one gets is from the label, a few close friends and collaborators, but it’s impossible to get a sense of how it will be received.

Dziesięć kompozycji składających się na krążek tworzą spójną opowieść dźwiękową, w której miasto jawi się jako miejsce niemalże magiczne – mające swoje życie, pilnie strzeżone tajemnice, jasne i mroczne strony. GlitterBug Gel is an innovative product designed for teaching, testing and evaluating hand-sanitiser application technique.This is not a real world travel guide, instead, it is an archetypal city that exists only in your imagination – rife to wander around in, or to soundtrack your own somnambulism. Finding a studio here was actually very difficult, and I was forced to build a basic, temporary studio at home, something I haven’t done in like 10 years or so, and I was reminded why. This product is used extensively within the food industry for ensuring staff have satisfactory hand-sanitiser application procedures. Rohmann agrees when that’s put to him, but admits he’s not entirely sure why such cross-channel pollination has come to be; certainly though, Dust sits well alongside the hauntology of the Ghost Box label, Boards Of Canada’s seminal 90s works and, more recently, the foggy detachment of Leyland Kirby’s bleaker plains. It’s a string-driven modern classical/ambient piece that closes the album and slowly pulls into a dark, rotating, condensed abyss.

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